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Web Solution

These are the list of Website projects we have successfully design and developed, with their discription

Stingomania360 Limited( Nollywood Casting Agency Inc.).

Total Web Solution

Understanding that one of the major limitations to Nollywood actors and actresses crossing international barriers into hollywood and European movie industries is like of structure and representation by reputable casting agencies. Stingomania360 commissioned us to created this website, to sign up actors and actresses they can then market and project to different foreign producers and directors.

Stingomania360 Limited(Ope Banwo).

Total Web Solution

Stingomania360 is a holding company with several subsidiaries dedicated to providing Integrated comprehensive to entertainment stars, entertainment practitioners and stake-holders in the entertainment industry.

Banwo and Igbokwe (Attorneys-at-Law), USA.

Total Web Solution

Banwo and Igbokwe, a law firm with offices in the United States and Nigeria.
To reposition their brand online, we were commission to design their official web site.

Amuwo Odofin Local Government

Total design and development including maintainance of the official site for amuwo-odofin

Amuwo Odofin Local Government, located at the Lagos West Senatorial district with a vast landed and a great population. We are to design and develop a portal site that makes the difference by providing highly relevant, accurate and reliable information about Amuwo Odofin Local Government, in Lagos State Nigeria.
Features includes; content management, multimedia and Social Network Solutions.

Torj Technology Ltd.

Total design and development

Capitalfield Investments & Trust Limited.

Entertainment Media Ltd.

Total design and development

Our brief is to create an online magazine site for E24-7.

Hurricane 360 Degrees

Total design and development



Official website design and development with Social Network Solutions.


Stingomania360 Limited(Ope Banwo)

Total Web Solution

Stingomania360 needs a site where they help nollywood artistes generate residual income from their public goodwill and popularity through their Star Merchandizing division.

The site featured; content management, Data base and ecommerce through paypal.

Stingomania360 Limited(Ope Banwo)

Total Web Solution

Nollywood is the world 3rd largest movie market. Our brief is to creat a site with strong content management where user can watch nollywood movies preview, watch full movie, buy online or dowload to your system.


Specialist Hedge Limited

Total Web Solution




Total Web Solution

We were commission to design and develop the official web site for, SYLMA SIGN.
SYLMA SIGN is one of the foremost Signage, branding, (and Graphic Communications) companies in Nigeria .

Omega Wealth Builders(Ope Banwo).

Total Web Solution

"Amebo" in yoruba language in Nigeria means the town gossips news carrier. This need was met!. is a listing site that allow you to post a short advert for your product and service with image features.

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